Thinking of launching a food product or opening a restaurant/cafe?

Learn how to start and succeed in the food business!

Interested in learning:

  • Profitable food business ideas and trends
  • What does it take to start a successful Food Business? Business Models, Financial Models, Feasibility Analysis, Menu and Recipe Costs?  
  • License and Permits Needed
  • Financing for food entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and Advertising to target customers

East Bay SBDC presents

Food Entrepreneurship Training Academy

East Bay SBDC and the Alameda County Community Development Agency offer a free 10-part series on “Food Business Entrepreneurship” for participants interested to launch and grow food businesses in Alameda County.

In this series, you will learn the basics to start and grow your own food business, catering, and so much more. This series will help turn your idea into reality.

We offer the following series of Food Entrepreneurship Training Academy. Click the program title to download the program flyer.

  1. Fundamental FETA I – September 12, 2023 to October 12, 2023
  2. Intermediate FETA I – October 24, 2023 to January 09, 2024
  3. Fundamental FETA II – February 06, 2024 to March 07, 2024
  4. Intermediate FETA II– April 22, 2024 to June 11, 2024
  5. Spanish Fundamental FETA – March 11, 2024 to April 08, 2024
Funded by Alameda County

Food Entrepreneurship Training Academy 2022-23 Business Presentation Winners

FETA I – Business Presentation Winner

Kang Naikang Kuan
Former Sous Chef at French Laundry, Executive Chef at Morimoto Napa, and current Principal Consultant to DoorDash Kitchen.
Aspiration: Tasty snack of Waffle Bites with Amarena Cherry & Whip Cream for all occasions.

FETA II – Business Presentation Winner

Gerardo Jeronimo Lorenzo
Immigrant from Guatemalan.
Aspiration: Started a family business Panaderia El Quetzal, to bring Guatemalan Traditional Breads and Food, to the communities.

FETA III – Business Presentation Winner

Shweta Saokar
Degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics, Technical Communications Specialist at Meta, Former Presentation Specialist at Facebook.
Aspiration: The Goan DeTour, a full-service, sit-down restaurant to bring the Goan culinary scene to the Bay Area.

Intermediate FETA – Business Presentation Winner – 1st Place

Kehinde Koyejo Choc’late Mama Cookies

Choc’late Mama Cookies specializes in artisanal plant-based classic cookie treats that are consciously-crafted with the intention to spread love and happiness.

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Intermediate FETA – Business Presentation Winner – 2nd Place

Cathy RodriguezClassic Casita Café

Classic Casita Café (CCC) will be a locally established coffee shop located in Hayward, serving coffees from international origins and unique blends and flavors.

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Intermediate FETA – Business Presentation Winner – 3rd Place

Dustin Passalalpi – Cherryland Nectars

Dustin’s aspiration is to make wines made from honey raised on small farms in the Bay Area, non-GMO, free of fluoride, glyphosate, added chemicals and nitrites.

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Food Entrepreneurship Training Academy Graduation Ceremonies

Check out FETA I, FETA II and FETA III graduation ceremonies in previous years.

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