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with in-person advising in Alameda

We have partnered with the Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance to provide no-cost in-person advising sessions to small businesses in Alameda. Ask your questions, get advice and learn how East Bay SBDC can help you start and grow your business.

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Appointments are for businesses located or doing business in Alameda.

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Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance
2215 A South Shore Center
Alameda, CA 94501

April 3, 2024
2pm – 6pm (30 min appointments)

Laurie Zerga


Laurie Zerga is a Strategic Business Advisor at SBDC and loves helping entrepreneurs with marketing, IT, customer service, startups and p&l accountability from $2M to $45M. She is an accomplished senior executive, C-Suite officer, consultant, entrepreneur, thought leader, and board member with over 25 years of success across financial services, food, international technology and engineering industries.

If you are available only on a different day or virtual advising via Zoom, please fill out this survey to assist us with future scheduling and we will also assist you with alternative advising times/formats.

Cancellation Policy

We have limited resources available for in-person one-on-one individual counseling in Alameda.

To save spaces for those individual/business who need one-on-one counseling, if any business has “No Show” or “Same Day cancellation” for their appointment session with the SBDC Advisor, this individual or business will no longer receive any counseling service from the East Bay SBDC in the future, especially not in-person advising in Alameda.

If you must cancel your appointment, please remove your name from the schedule and notify us by Thursday the week before your appointment to give us time to fill your spot with another business. If a business does not confirm their appointment by Friday 8 am the week before, their appointment time will be given to another business that is waiting for an appointment time slot.