The Internet Marketing Section contains useful information for business owners seeking start the online marketing of their business.  It currently contains topics pertaining internet marketing strategy (e.g. Customer Analysis for Internet Marketing) as well as the buying and selling of internet advertising. 

The Customer Analysis for Internet Marketing topic discusses a particularly important component of a company’s overall Marketing Plan to consider before beginning any online marketing.  As with any marketing initiative, having an overall Marketing Plan will insure the effectiveness of individual initiatives (e.g. Keyword Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, etc.) as well as the most effective use of the overall marketing budget.

Keyword Advertising is online advertising that uses search engine keywords to trigger contextualized ads. Advertisers bid on a set of keywords related to the product or service they wish to advertise. The ads are then displayed on the Search Results Page that is produced by the search engine.

The Advertising Networks topic covers online advertising networks (affiliate networks) which connect advertisers to Websites that want to host advertisements. This allows Webmasters to more easily sell advertising on their Websites and make money.

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