Indu Jayakumar

Business Advisor

East Bay SBDC

About Me:

Indu Jayakumar has been a Small Business owner for 21 years. She has worked for many large corporations in Silicon Valley as a Software Programmer. As a Business Advisor with SBDCIndu helps many Small Business owners with Technology Issues, New Technology Integration, Website Development, Online Marketing, Payment Integration, Website Backend Development, Website Frontend Development, and Online Functionality issues. Indu is also an Instructor on many Technology Topics that concern Small Business Owners.

Indu has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Behavioral Science. She is very people-oriented, and she can break down business concepts into small chunks in order to help the clients in SBDC in an efficient manner. She is well known in the Small Business community since she is a regular public

speaker in various business circles globally. She will think along with you in growing your Small Business to the next level. She is extremely personable and easy to talk to.

Indu is the current President of LocalBizNetwork, LLC, specializing in a Global Small Business Directory Platform that currently has over 2 million members globally. Indu also serves on the board of the Industry Council for Small Business Owners that serves Minority Business Owners.

Expertise: Business Planning BUSINESS STRATEGY Go To Market Planning Growth Marketing Marketing Product Marketing Programming Social Media Technology