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Intermediate Food Entrepreneurship Training Academy I Winner – 3rd Place

Dustin Passalalpi – Cherryland Nectars
Dustin and his team own a small piece of land in the East bay area. They have a unique opportunity to be supported by two local honey producers, one of which keeps their bees on our farm. They have since tailored the farm to offer the bees a host of dynamic flowers to collect pollen from making their bees a unique sort and thus producing honey of a unique taste. That coupled with the farmhouse where he and his team make fermented honey and other farmhouse fermentations. It is born out of a love for this way of life. It is truly a difficult but rewarding style of life to raise animals and plants for your wellbeing and really theirs as well. A connection to life through nature.

Aspiration: To create and provide a high-end, premium product with an emphasis on health, fun and quality over quantity. To produce wines made from honey raised on small farms in the greater bay area, made from water free of fluoride and glyphosate, non-GMO, no added chemicals and no nitrites. Specialty wines produced are Sparkling Honey Wines -Tequila and Lime or Gin and Botanicals, Sparkling Peaches and Plumbs – a tart and dry bubbly wine, KVASIR (entirely made in one place from when the bees first taste the pollen to the point your lips first hit the golden liquid, first of its kind to boast a farm to bottle production line.)